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Why intuiPOD

  • Personal Service, you'll be talking directly to the designer and developer on your project. We focus on understanding your needs and reflecting back the most effective solution.
  • High Value, intuiPOD delivers some of the most value for the money by keeping our overhead low and our skills high.
  • Support, every client gets a project portal with support information, access to scheduling online meetings for help and support over the phone support when you need it.
  • Creative & Practical, intuiPOD is focused on providing a balance of creative thinking and design as well as practical solutions to address your technical and functional needs.

Over 20 years of quality creative, technical and project management experience,  working with a wide variety of organizations and professionals, makes intuiPOD a great choice. Every project is a balance of right (intuitive/creative) and left (analytical/logical) brain thinking providing the most effective solutions. intuiPOD’s focus on a client’s organizational goals, their target audience and creative/brand requirements, allows intuiPOD to develop the most appropriate implementation options and targeted, tailor-made solutions.

Working Together

  • Partnership, every project is a collective team effort balanced with your needs.
  • Your Goals, focused on providing the best solutions to meet your business requirements and target audience needs.
  • Your Strengths, leveraging your existing assets to develop creative and compelling solutions.

intuiPOD will work with you as a partner, listening to input, providing feedback, and working together to find the best solution. No solution is developed in a vacuum. By understanding your objectives and target audience goals a solution can be developed that best meets your specific needs. Building on your existing strengths, extending what's been successful, and keeping an open mind in finding creative options can lead to better results for the final solution.

Streamlined Approach

intuiPOD uses a methodology broad enough to cover all types of projects, flexible enough to incorporate unique requirements, and deep enough to address projects with multiple components and phases encompassing:

  • Design & Creativity
  • Development & Production
  • Information Architecture & Content Strategy
  • Project Management & Support
  • Continuous Improvement

Giving Back

intuiPOD has always given something back by volunteering or donating design and development skills to organizations doing great things for our communities. intuiPOD is proud to have been involved with organizations like:

  • Carter G. Woodson African American Museum
  • Center for Enriched Living
  • Clothes for Kids
  • The Studio@620
  • United Way

The 'intuiPOD' Name

The intuiPOD name was developed through some creative exploration and an attempt to reflect the nature of what makes intuiPOD unique. The name is really a loose combination of two words: intuition and productivity.

  • intuit (to know or discover by intuition) highlights intuiPOD's ability to look at the larger picture and find creative solutions that may not be initially apparent.
  • pod (a streamlined container; organizing by groups) and productivity (generate, create, enhance) echoes the strategic, pragmatic and continuous improvement approach of intuiPOD.

These two words combined reflect the core attributes, but also highlight the the holistic approach, taken with every intuiPOD project. On one hand intuiPOD has deep skills in creativity, brainstorming and an inherit sense of finding solutions. On the other hand intuiPOD is also organized, focused on productivity, and has the ability to provide clients with the tools they need. This combination of left and right brain thinking allows for a balanced approach that clients appreciate and provides for a foundation for long term success.