Site Levels

intuiPOD sites are more than websites, they are online businesses. We work with you to understand your strategy, help you create clear tactics that, in turn, create an ecosystem that can drive success. We'll work with you to determine the best level for your goals and customize the final solution to meet your specific needs.

All intuiPOD sites include:

  • Branded Responsive Interface so you look good on everything from a mobile phone to a large screen TV and everything in between.
  • Planning Phase and document.
  • Content Management System (CMS) enabling you to easily edit all your content.
  • Analytics to measure your site traffic, review trends, and much more.
  • intuiPOD Site Support to answer questions, recommend solutions and act as your online partner.
  • Ongoing System Updates providing continuous improvement to the CMS, technical infrastructure and security.
  • 1 GB Storage / 1 TB Monthly Bandwidth

WebPro Bronze

WebPro Bronze is the perfect place to begin for business start-ups, individual professionals, and non-profits just getting started. It includes:

  • 1 Multi-Topic Portal Page to quickly get your target audience what they need to know.
  • 1 Web Form to collect information and automatically send a response email.
  • Social Media Integration to connect your site with your other online communications. 

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WebPro Silver

WebProSilver is a great foundation to expand your online presence without breaking the bank. All with the benefit of knowing that you can upgrade, expand and grow your online business at anytime. It includes:

  • All WebPro Bronze Features plus...
  • 10 Page Website with the capability for unlimited future pages.
  • Document and File Uploads to distribute documents or post files for your audience.

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WebPro Gold is just that, the gold standard of our website platform. At this level your own business ecosystem can really take off. It includes:

  • All WebPro Silver Features plus...
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that is full integrated with all site features so you can manage your customers from one place.
  • Email Marketing System to drive traffic to your site and keep in touch with customers.
  • FAQ Module for improving your customer support, lowering your costs and providing a better experience all around.
  • Media Assets Module to manage all your digital assets from one database whether they are Microsoft Office documents, graphic files, audio files, PDF files and more. No more hunting around your site for broken links when you need to replace or revise a document.

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WebPro Platinum

WebProPlatinum takes our gold standard and goes even further. If you're ready to get serious about online sales and/or building dynamic database driven content this is the site for you. At this level there are so many possibilities, we really need to talk. Really.

  • All WebPro Gold Features plus...
  • E-Commerce System
  • Dynamic Content System

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But wait, there's more...

Our WebPro packages are just the start. Every package can be tailored to your needs with additional components that can easily be added.

  • Integrated Blogs
  • Dynamic Photo Galleries
  • Automatic Ad Rotator
  • Community Forums
  • Scheduled News Announcements
  • Customer Commenting and Ratings
  • Event Bookings
  • And more... Need something specific? Just ask.

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