Site Services

Site Design & Development

intuiPOD offers professional website design and development. We often offer these services to third party providers (like professional services companies and marketing agencies) to help out with one component of a website project. 

For our direct clients we provide most of these services by default.

  • Interface Design (UI) with web standards and responsive capabilities.
  • Experience Design (XD), Interaction Design (IxD), User Experience (UX).
  • Site Planning including Information Architecture (IA) and Content Strategy.
  • Site Branding including Graphic Design.
  • HTML/CSS/JS Development.

Site Support

intuiPOD supports each client, making sure they understand how the back-end system works and provides ongoing training as needed.

Site Review

Successful web sites (like any endeavor) require attention from their owners in order to grow and prosper. Even if a web site was initially successful for the initial intent, overtime, a site will need to follow a continuous improvement cycle to stay successful. Technologies change, customer habits change, business goals are modified. That's why intuiPOD recommends getting a 'check-up' at least once a year to identify what's working, what can be improved and what needs to be replaced.

Site Content & Media Assets

Many site owners create, manage and publish their own content. That's great and intuiPOD's help client do just that. But sometimes creating content can be daunting if you're not used to doing it and now how it will best help your site. Also, some clients have amazing imagery by default because the business they are in, other times not. intuiPOD can help make sure your great graphics are professional produced or help you create engaging graphics when you need it.

Site Marketing & SEO

Site marketing is critical to the success of websites. intuiPOD sites can help you get the word out by using integrated email marketing and built in 'on-page' SEO tools in addition to the automatically built XML site map for every site. We'd be happy to discuss additional website marketing tactics with you.